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About us

About us

We, Katharina Meißner and Ann-Cathrin Eymann, have been in Argentina with the organization Experiment e.V. since April 2008 spending one year working as volunteers for the Weltwaerts program a volunteer service  dedicated to  developing policy. It is run by the Federal Department of Economic Cooperation and Development and enables young folks to get involved voluntarily in developing countries.  We live in host families in a little village called Chilecito, in the province of La Rioja.  Up until now we had been helping the teachers at “Amor y Esperanza” school an institution for disabled children (Katharina), and at the local kindergarten (Ann-Cathrin).

In addition to that we had been involved in a number of other projects, i.e.  Ballet lessons or the food counter of the “Acción Social”. 

But all those tasks have not really satisfied us completely as we could not really take on   full responsibility.  After doing a lot of research we now have the possibility of this “Comedor” where we can put all our will power and energy to work.

Since four hands are absolutely not enough in a comedor with over  30 children we are well supported by the other German volunteers, Henrike, Ronja and Peter.

Henrike used to work in a kindergarten in the district of Barrio Mayo before the summer holidays began.  She helped the educators there in everything that needed to be done, i.e .  handicrafts with the small ones, singing and watching them play outside.

Ronja used to teach in the building alongside the primary school. She gave private lessons to those children with learning difficulties in Math’.

They would come to Ronja  and she taught them on a individual basis  As there were few students it was possible to help each student much more .

Since Peter had already worked in San Miguel before, at the primary school, all the children kept calling him “profe”.  Peter also supports the environmental organization in Chilecito that fights against pollution and preventing the exploitation of the mountain Famatina which would cause the contamination of the underground water.  During holidays most institutions are closed which makes our comedor even more important. It is a great project for volunteers since it is open all year and there is never enough help for all that has to be done

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