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Project “La Casita del Quirquincho”


A dream begins...


On Monday, 27th of October 2008 the doors of “La Casita del Quirquincho” opened for the first time.

About 25 children entered the “comedor” very hesitant.   In the past two months we had totally changed and renovated this “comedor”, so that thanks to the colorful walls there was  now a friendly and inviting atmosphere.

This was   probably what all the children thought as well, since the next day, the number of children grew …..to 42!.

Fortunately we had purchased twice the amount of yoghurt so  there was enough for everyone.

We had  a great number of helping hands supporting us ..   watching the children do their homework and also in preparing activities.

There are no limits in fantasy or creativity when it comes to inventing new games. For example,  we welcomed the upcoming summer with a big water fight which was refreshing  for all of us after a busy game of  playing  cops and robbers with   a temperature of 36°C.

We do very much hope that the next weeks will become even more exciting!

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